Texts from Lilit: 31 Cards to Connect You to Your Demon


Texts from Lilit: 31 Cards to Connect to Your Inner Demon is a new artist book by Tamar Ettun that conjures the empathic demon Lilit (Lillith), whose story traces back to ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, and Judaic mythology. Reaching from the dark side of the moon, communicating via text messages, Lilit explores the insidious side of empathy, trauma-healing modalities, and astrology as storytelling. Lilit’s texts serve as tools to connect with your inner demons and support integrating shadow selves. The 31-card deck includes demon drawings and somatic exercises, which correspond to the movement of planets and astrological archetypes.

Lilit, the empathic demon is an ongoing project by multidisciplinary artist Tamar Ettun, in which you can text “SUMMON” to Lilit at 833-575-1049 and correspond with her. The Texts From Lilit book was created by Tamar Ettun. Meghana Karnik is the book’s editor and contributor of curatorial text.

The book was first printed in conjunction with the artist’s solo exhibition “Tamar Ettun: How To Trap A Demon,” curated by Meghana Karnik at SUNY Purchase's Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery from October 6 - November 16, 2022.

Photos by Yann Chashanovski.

Original drawings from the book are currently on view at Dreamsong in SUMMON, Tamar Ettun's debut solo presentation with the gallery. Please contact the gallery at [email protected] for additional details.