Lee Noble -- Wind Spirit Head


Stoneware, glaze, black walnut, epoxy, vinegar, iron, grout
8½ x 8½ x 6 in.
Edition of 16

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Noble's stoneware sculptures are representations of Pazuzu, a Mesopotamian wind spirit and the primary antagonist in ‘The Exorcist,' Glazed with palladium silver, a color referencing the valuable rare earth metal whose worth has led to a nationwide epidemic of catalytic convertor thefts, Pazuzu is a chimera – a winged dog, part scorpion, part eagle, part serpent -- a demon who like Noble's practice itself, is appropriated from multiple bodies into something powerful and resonant.

Lee Noble (b. 1983, Nashville, TN) is a mulitdisciplinary artist and musician based in Minneapolis. Drawing on influences that include film history, punk culture, camp, and science fiction, his practice explores images of American fear. In 2024, his work will be included in an exhibition at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis. He is the co-founder of Night Club gallery in St. Paul, along with Emma Beatrez. Noble received his MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.