Sarah Irvin -- Paratext No. 19


Pigment on Paper, floating in White Wood Frame
11 x 7 ½ inches

“In this series of works on paper, grade school penmanship practice pages are used as source material, their guiding lines blurred and rearranged. The ‘pages’ here constitute not only a dialogue with the materiality of education but also one side of a material dialogue between caregiver and developing child - especially during crisis schooling due to the pandemic.” – Sarah Irvin

Sarah Irvin’s work explores the cultural resonance and social significance of mothering as a practice of care. Irvin brings the durational events and material objects of child-rearing into contexts that reveal their relations to the economy, public health, language, and more. She has developed an interdisciplinary practice that is poetic yet pragmatic, blending analog and digital processes including painting, sculpture, video, and installation to investigate -- and abstract -- trauma, embodiment, and routine alike.

Irvin holds a BA from University of Georgia and an MFA from George Mason University (2016). Her work has been exhibited with the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, and the San Angelo Public Arts Commission, among others.